Who, moi?

Howdy hey. Not to be dramatic, but I loathe writing about myself. So instead, I’m going to pretend this is my 7th grade Facebook and tell you about me via a ~cute~ questionaire. My website, my rules. Cool? Cool.
Why copywriting? I love the challenge of making a blank page mean something 
Work pet peeve?
When an anonymous koala watches me in Google Docs
Most embarassing zoom sign-off?
Greatest strength?
Greatest weakness?
The urge to add exclamation points! To! Everything!
5 emojis that describe you? 📓🍯🥕🕺🏔
Word you’re trying to say more? Gobsmacked 
Word you’re trying to say less?
Quote you live/die/work by? 
“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit”
Oxford comma? Oxford comma! 

What are you especially insterested in? Branding, startups, sustainability, women’s empowerment, tech, health/wellness, social impact, and making that juicy, juicy coin